Everything I do is a healing. 

Healing is an integration of the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of YOU and how they interact with one another.

The term “healing” has many definitions. My definition of healing is when a person shifts to a more positive energy, vibration, and consciousness. Every disharmony has a vibration. In order to heal it, I look at the whole person. That means looking at their experiences, perceptions, and greater connection to Source or God.

Healing can be spontaneous, but in most cases, healings take a while to integrate. The healing happens when a person does the “inner work” to heal their emotional, mental, and spiritual wounds.

These wounds may include everyday stresses with family and career. Or feeling alone or misunderstood. Or feeling ready to go to your next level but not having any idea what that means or how to get there.


In my healing sessions, I start from my client’s pain point.

If it is at the emotional level, we begin there. If my client is feeling pain, we start there. No matter where we start, I give my client “permission to heal” –– whatever healing means to them at that time. Giving my client permission to heal sets the tone for healing and allows them to embrace new possibilities.

I connect your physical and spiritual realms together. This is important because this is usually the missing link to healing at your core. Your emotions and mental components come into play next.

I serve as your facilitator and guide, providing a nonthreatening way to move you through your issues. We locate where your disconnect occurs. You then become an active partner. It’s time for you to do your work.

I am a healer and teacher of higher consciousness, not a therapist. I want to empower you by giving you tools to assist you on your healing journey.

I sometimes view myself as a “coach” who gives you knowledge and tools you can use to avoid repeating the limiting behaviors and outlooks that brought you to me in the first place.  


Each healing is unique and every session is different.

Healing your heart brings peace into your life. I believe when the student is ready, the teacher appears. I also believe those who seek me out for a healing session have a divine appointment.


My Healing Story

I had lived with chronic physical pain for 27 years and was completely unaware that my pain contained an emotional component. I was equally unaware that my mental outlook was contributing to my pain. And I definitely was clueless to its spiritual component.

I was in a huge disconnect. I didn’t even know that a healing was possible.

I experienced an instantaneous healing during an acupuncture session in 1990. In a nanosecond, I knew more than I could ever have imagined about healing the mind, body, and spirit.

This healing showed me how my emotions had played a part in my pain and suffering. I saw how my mental outlook was self-defeating and perpetuating my pain. I realized that I was angry that my mother “left” me when she died.

This recognition helped heal my deep emotional wound centered around abandonment.

My healing journey also taught me that my biggest disconnect was with my spiritual side. God used my mother as a messenger by sending her to help me. She sat with me as a waking vision during that acupuncture session. She literally walked me through the letting go process.

That’s when I reconnected to the spiritual part of myself. My healing process continues.



What Clients Say…


A terrible thing had happened to a member of my family and I was letting anger and frustration over the event overwhelm my life.  A visit with Marilyn helped me release the emotions so that I could move forward and be a better person for my friends and family.  I realized that internalizing the negative energy was affecting my health, judgment, outlook, and personal relationships.  Marilyn, with her gifts and angels, lifted my spirits and helped me feel the serenity and peacefulness I needed back in my life.  As I travel forward, I have new tools to help me when difficulties are encountered and a friend to guide me if I start to lose my way.

TC  Atlanta, GA.


One of my friends highly recommended Marilyn’s gentle, healing touch. I called her to see what she could offer me. I had a stroke three years prior that left my right side paralyzed. By the end of our first session, my face muscles had relaxed to where I could smile again. That was a blessing in itself. Today, I can walk two miles a day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

TK  Los Angeles, CA.


After being treated with chemotherapy and radiation for cancer my hearing and sight were quite distorted. After meeting with Marilyn over a quiet lunch and through our conversation and her gentle touch, my hearing and sight were restored to where they had been pre-treatment. I asked Marilyn if she was a mystic. I had never met one, but God had guided her to me to have this experience. What a miracle!

EC  Los Angeles, CA.


I am a survivor of breast cancer. I met Marilyn through a friend of mine in L.A. I was going to Atlanta for breast reconstruction surgery that included an intense ten-hour procedure. Marilyn came to my room after surgery and through her gentle touch I was given the gift of having no pain from the surgery. 

JB  Santa Monica, CA.


I met Marilyn at a gathering titled “Gifted”, and that word is a perfect description of Marilyn –  “GIFTED”.

For the past few months, I had been bothered by constant pain in my right leg that couldn’t be explained or fixed by traditional doctors, including chiropractors. I had been walking with a limp and feeling pain with every step. Even worse, I saw the pain as the beginning of the end… the start of middle and old age aches that would limit my abilities and my world.

At the gathering, Marilyn offered to do healing for my leg. Although I don’t know what Marilyn does or how she does it, I had complete trust that SHE knew and that she had ability to help me.

The morning after my session with Marilyn, I woke up and knew something was different. The pain behind my knee was no longer there. Being a bit of skeptic, I tried to find the pain throughout the day but couldn’t. This may seem simple and ordinary but to me, was a huge relief. Being able to resume my fun and my activities gives me tremendous joy. Hell, I am just happy to be able to get out of the car with ease.

I still don’t know much about Marilyn’s gifts and talents, but I do know that she has a generous spirit and that she shares her gifts and talents with an open heart. I am very grateful.

BS  Kenmore, Washington


I just wanted to express my thanks for today’s healing.  Thank you for giving me permission to heal myself! 

I feel hopeful again, and am looking forward to seeing how my spirit grows as a result.I’ve already begun purging today — the act of purging seems to bring with it a sense of getting rid of the old to embrace the new.  That makes me feel like this is truly a new beginning, bringing with it a new level of growth and expansion.

May God bless you for the wonderful work you do!

KH  Marietta, Georgia


In June of this year, I attended a four day Personal Soul Retreat with Marilyn.  Marilyn made me feel like it was all about ME.  She was there to support ME exclusively and helped me on my path to re-connect with ME.

I learned several healing modalities that I am using now: meditation, how to ask for help and guidance, and most importantly, she taught me how to lay out a foundation so I can recover and move to a new level of awareness.

All I have to say is this personal attention is priceless!! There are no interruptions to break up your concentration.  With her help, I  was able to experience my own personal dress rehearsal-  not just defining the steps I needed to take but to live them in real time.

Thank you, Marilyn, for being there when I needed you.

TA  Cloverdale, California