Do you believe in angels?

Everyone has at least one guardian angel. They come with us when we are born and they take us home when we are ready to go. They are God’s helpers. They are our protectors. Believe it or not, they are ready to help you. They have been waiting for you to ask!


A trio of angels waiting in the wings

You’ll find a trio of Archangels {Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael} at the top of the angel hierarchy.

Archangel Michael helps protect you from negative energies. I call upon Michael daily to protect me and help clear my day.

Archangel Gabriel governs your emotions. He calms your doubts and boosts your confidence.

Archangel Raphael is in charge of healing. I call upon Raphael quite a bit. He facilitates your healing. He can also help you with your creative energies.

I knew at a young age that something beyond this world was there to help me. I just didn’t know how to communicate with this energy.

I was eleven years old when my mother passed away. I remember feeling protected back then, even if I couldn’t name or explain that protection. Looking back, I was being introduced to those unseen energies, the angels.

Out of fear, I shut down that communication. It felt scary to me. These “unseen energies” tried to communicate with me several times after, but I was not open to receive their help at that time.

Then in May 1990 I had an instantaneous healing and everything changed. I knew without a doubt that there was more to life than what my third-dimensional world presented to me.

I had tangible proof of the spiritual realm.


My healing opened me up to work with the angels

My life became easier thanks to the assistance I received from the angelic realm. Knowing the angels are watching over and protecting me is nothing short of a God-blessing. I have a spiritual team ready, willing, and able to help me at anytime. All I have to do is just ask.

I became a certified Angel Therapist (ATP) in 2000. I studied with Doreen Virtue, the woman who created Angel Therapy. She helped unlock hidden gifts and skills that opened the angelic realm to me in ways that I had never before experienced.

I call upon other angels, in addition to the Archangels, for help on a daily basis. I never hesitate asking them when I’m in need. Learning to communicate with them is quite easy.

In my healing sessions, I teach you how to ask for assistance from the angelic realm.

I often use angel cards during my healing sessions. These cards are tools for tapping into the angelic realm. I also teach you how to work with angels in your everyday life.

I love opening people to the majesty of the spiritual realm. Establishing this connection can often serve as the missing piece to your health and well-being.

People are often surprised that angels are there to help them. During the past four years, I’ve conducted two monthly Angel Circles in which I give messages and teach participants how to use their angels.

Working with the angelic realm is not scary. It brings a feeling of connectedness to people. It fills the void of feeling alone. At the end of my angel sessions, there is hope, healing, and always confirmation.



How Angels Have Helped My Clients

  • Dealing with the loss of a loved one
  • Opening up to romance
  • Quieting inner chatter
  • Comfort during illness
  • Becoming a better parent
  • Choosing a more rewarding career
  • Setting priorities