Your soul has an agenda. Your life has a purpose. 

Do you know your soul’s agenda? Are you living your life purpose?


Your Life Purpose – your soul’s agenda – is encoded in your fingerprints!

Your fingerprints reveal which of the four Life Schools you belong to and the Life Lessons you’re here to learn. Your Life School never changes. It is the common thread that helps you unfold your Life Purpose. Your Life Lessons are placed in front of you to help in your soul’s evolution.

YOUR LIFE PURPOSE includes simple steps to align you with your heart center and propel you forward in your life with ease and grace.

First, we identify the common thread throughout your life, your Life School, which influences your Life Purpose.

Second, we reveal your Life Lessons. This helps you resolve your struggles by seeing them from a higher perspective and allow healing to take place.

Third, you learn how to consciously navigate your life and make choices that align within your soul’s agenda and your Life Purpose.


How is YOUR LIFE PURPOSE different from other types of life purpose readings?

Unlike other Life Purpose practitioners, Your Life Purpose combines scientific fingerprint analysis with healing and spiritual teaching. It’s the result of lessons learned from more than two decades in my own Life Purpose journey.

We will begin our work together by decoding your fingerprints, which are unique to you. Your fingerprints never change. Knowing the codes embedded there will illuminate your Life Purpose.

I then blend my knowledge of universal understanding with deep healing and spiritual teachings. Not all healers provide you with an understanding of your Life Purpose, and not all those trained in hand analysis offer a spiritual experience with a healing.

Astrological and tarot readings give you a snapshot based on a particular moment in time, but Your Life Purpose provides a lifetime of inner guidance. Just having access to this information will give you greater awareness on how to add to your life’s adventure. Your Life Purpose will support you in continuing to make the right choices for your soul’s evolution.


With your Your Life Purpose consult, you will…

  • Understand your Life School, which is the lens through which you perceive your life
  • Understand your Life Lessons –– those repeating patterns and persistent challenges that when recognized are no longer your blocks
  • Gain new insights into your life’s direction and the real reason you are here on Earth
  • Tap into your inner guidance system 
  • Have greater compassion for yourself and your unique journey
  • Begin to move forward faster in your life and experience true joy


There is a Lighted Path that leads you to the life you are meant to lead. Your soul knows your truth and is waiting for you to discover it, embrace it, and fulfill it. I continue to walk the Life Purpose journey and I love nothing more than guiding others along the lighted path toward clarity, meaning and purpose.
~ Marilyn Segal



What Clients Say…

I met Marilyn at a conference and was intrigued from the onset.  Who was this woman who worked with others to help them discover their life purpose?  I was genuinely intrigued.

As a mature and accomplished business woman, I’ve been through the gamut of life…wife, mother, career, community person. I’m at the point now of moving a second career forward and desirous of balance, desirous of connecting deeper with my Source. I’ve embraced the deep thread of life that weaves through it all yet wondered why does it seem so tangled?  

So I asked Marilyn for a Life Purpose reading, and I’m glad I did. I was impressed with Marilyn and her work–not just at the onset, but throughout our coach/coachee relationship. Marilyn’s expertise is apparent; the total experience gratifying. The added plus for me is that Marilyn helped me to understand and embrace my physical heart issues.

Marilyn delivers what she promises. She’s helped me get in touch with what I am here in this world to do, and why. I see my gifts more clearly now. I’ve touched another realm. I know how to move forward with confidence and knowing. I know how to nourish myself when I’ve become depleted and how to access the help I need, when I need it. I’m growing my heart along the way and my spirit soars. It is wonderful to now know what it is that I am meant to do!

CK St. Petersburg, FL


I want to thank you for the amazing Life Purpose analysis that you completed for me.  I was truly amazed at the accuracy of the reading and how much your interpretation resonated with me.

You couldn’t have shared the analysis at a better time.  Even though all of us have crossroads in our lives in which we have to make important decisions, I have struggled with the correct choice in career paths recently.  With pressure from political allies asking that I return to elected politics and pressure from my heart to continue sharing health and wellness with a stressed-out world, I found myself in that familiar “no action is the best action” mode. I was “stuck.”

Your reading changed all that.  Now, I can continue my path in health and wellness knowing that may life purpose supports my direction.  And I can walk away from elected politics without feeling guilty. (I can support my friends in the political arena by keeping them alive with natural techniques for healing.)

I can’t thank you enough Marilyn.  You’ve been a life, no a SOUL saver.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!.

May God bless you for the wonderful work and love you are giving to the world.

CP  Charleston, WV


I had a Life Purpose Reading with Marilyn in November. From the moment we sat down, I felt Marilyn’s connection to me; that she truly saw and felt exactly what I was going through and where my blockages were. And, kind but direct, she pointed them out and reviewed the steps I would take to break through the blockages. Marilyn encouraged me to not take notes (I am a note-taker) so I could remain present throughout our session.

We covered a lot of ground, including which “schools” I am in and what that means to me, where my vibration is relative to the Earth’s plane, and by looking at my “spiritual bicycle” ( a technique she uses), which “spokes” needed more attention.

Marilyn gave me tools to use and practices that I could easily put in place that will improve my connection to God, love and myself. And, she provided a complete set of notes and information that I will keep and use as a reference in the future.

This session was just what I needed to start the next chapter in my life.

DF Sarasota, FL


Marilyn, hello! I had to find you. I have to tell you the most amazing thing. Remember when you did my Life Purpose reading? You told me my purpose was all about love. Truthfully, I could not see fully what that meant at the time.

Well, bounce forward a few years and BAM! I got it! I know exactly what I am supposed to do. I’ve been on a healing journey that seems like forever but really so in the last two years. I’m in the process of completing my health coach certification. I will graduate in May. I started this journey all because finally for the first time in my life I started truly loving myself. I know for sure that love is the key to all things, health, relationships, spirituality, etc.

We are getting ready to move back to Atlanta and I am going to open my practice there. I will be speaking to those large groups you saw me speaking to and the message is love. Beginning with love of self. Whew!!! Can’t wait to reconnect with you and all the wonderful souls there. Bless you for our vision and holding it for me until I was ready!

DF  Virginia Beach, VA


My life purpose reading with Marilyn gave me clear direction when I was unable to see my choices. I was struggling with seeing what I needed to do in order to move forward in my career. 

Marilyn showed me a different perspective and showed me that one choice in my personal life cleared the obstacles in all other areas.  I would recommend a life purpose reading with Marilyn if you want a road map to achieve the best life possible.  She is supportive, gentle, and honest in giving you the tools you need to move forward.  Thank you Marilyn.

DC  Saskatoon, Canada